Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

What a strange year it was 2016. I started it with no blog, no plans, not many scheduled changes to my life but with a huge hope in something. Don’t ask me why..

Two of my best friends get married and I was finally committed to dedicate that year to myself, to my friends and to my family. I had all the time in the world and was about to realize one of my dreams that year.


April started with our annual trip and this makes us start the year with some enthusiasm, right? I did not have high expectations and usually it is always better not to have. Rome surprised me so much. Despite the number of tourists that the city has, the weather was great and we managed to see everything without any problem. Rome is majestic and leaves us feeling like ants. Happy ants, I may say.


Everything you see is huge. So huge that I could barely photograph anything in its entirety and most of the time I could not believe in what my eyes were seeing. So much imposture, so much history, so many remnants of power and suffering at the same time.

Rome is submerged in power but in wisdom as well. It was the most cultural city I’ve visited. In fact, it is in Rome that lay several of the greatest works of art of all time.


Take note:

The Colosseum {ancient roman gladiatorial arena}, the Pantheon {landmark roman church and historic tombs}, the Roman Forum {excavated heart of the roman empire}, Trevi Fountain {iconic 18th-century sculpted fountain}, the Spanish Steps {barroque stairway and meeting point}, St. Peter’s Basilica {World’s largest basilica of Christianity}, Vatican Museums {papal palace renaissance art tressures}, Piazza Navona {square with a fountain, bars and restaurants}, Piazza del Popolo {landmark square by city’s northem gate}, Via Veneto {shopping area}, Sistine Chapel {Chapel with the famous painting of Michelangelo}, Palatine Hill {ancient Rome}, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore {5th-century church with a gilded ceiling}, Campo de’ Fiori {bustling produce market in public square}, Trastevere {a traditional administrative division of Rome}, and so much more.


You can take three days to see Rome but you have to run. We got up early and went back to the hotel at night … dead.

The warm colors of Italy filled my heart day and night. I knew this was the place. It is a very safe city as well what makes you feel very confortable, that’s for sure.



For those who do not know, Silvana is a italian name – yes, is not brazilian, is italian – and it was given by my grandfather who always loved italian music and movies. It is corny to say but I felt at home.

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