We accept the brunch we think we deserve



On weekends we brunch. And it was on a Saturday that we went to Heim Cafe. In my food-list are some great spots {that we still have to visit} but after researching and considering the offers vs prices this was the best option for that morning.

The average price for two people is €12, according to Zoomato, and the true is that you can find, for example, toasts with jam and butter for only €1,50, french omelettes with toast and salad for €4,50 or even sweet waffles with fruit and caramel for €5,50; or salted, with egg and chorizo for €6,50. We are almost no longer used to these prices in Lisbon.

And this is all Hanna’s and Misha’s fault, two Ukrainians who decided to change the restaurants in Kiev, where they used to work, and move to Portugal.



Heim Cafe is a minimalist place with light woods and plants everywhere: the perfect combination for an environment as natural as possible. For the winter, the dress code is: a pair of jeans, a wide knit sweater, sneakers and a messy hair knot. That’s how the English and the Dutch girls, that we’ve seen sitting at their tables having brunch, were dressed.

And that said, I do not know if the place is more frequented by portuguese people or foreigners but I think is half-half.



For brunch you have three options {€10,50}: 1. Green – Toast with avocado, tomato, mixed salad, 2 sunny side eggs, granola, fruits & fresh orange juice ; 2. Yellow – 2 sunny side eggs, sausages, mixed salad, beans, toast, jam, butter, granola & lemonade ; 3. Red – Sweet waffle, granola, scrambled eggs, bacon, mixed salad, tomato, advocado & fresh orange juice.

We chose two ‘Red Brunches’ and it was de-li-ci-ous. For the price vs quantity/quality of the food this must have been one of the best brunches I have ever eaten. The avocado and the salad were very well seasoned, the bacon was super crispy and the waffles were too good to be true! But you have others options that you can ask separate to complete your bruch, if necessary.


On Sundays there is a special breakfast menu for €7 that is a table with two eggs, mixed salad, sausages, beans, mushrooms and toast.

If you have not already been to Heim Cafe you have to make a visit asap. But please understand that if you do not go early, you can spend some time in line waiting for a table.



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