Now that I’m here, where am I?

There’s a reason why I’ve changed my way of seeing things. Maybe because I am now 30 years old. Maybe because I began to look for another kind of aesthetics and try more grounded things for my life. Perhaps because I have noticed that people are increasingly taking refuge in their homes, in their lives, their friends and family to be fulfilled. As myself.

For a long time I get lost. I get angry. But then I ended up finding really inspiring people on the process. And inspiring new things too. I never left completly social media and blogs so it was they who continued to inspire me everyday.

Decor and design began to gain a great importance in my life. And now, moving into my own home, it have inspired me as never before.

In this post I leave you 5 ig accounts that, for one reason or another, have inspired me the most:

1. Design Love Fest

This blond girl is a hurricane. Happy all the time, creative everyday and a boost of energie. In her blog and instagram she talks about decor, design, recipes, her trips, her friends, her diy projects and her job as a creative director in L.A. Her house is a dream come true and no detail is forgotten. A clean but full of color world that gives me a contagious energy also brought by her smile.


2. Urban Jungle Bloggers

More than a decor lover you have to be a botanic lover to follow this ig account. Plants and botanical trends, mini jungles at home, ceramic vases, botanical wallpapers and a huge green environment. Nothing that would mess up a forest lover like me. It is still proven that plants are great elements to have at home because they purify the air. How great, hum?! Bring nature to our home is also defended by Feng Shui. They have a blog as well, get inspired.


3. Hashtag Workmode

This ig is for workaholics, for entrepreneurs and only for women. #WORKMODE is a creative co-working space in Amsterdam and Rotterdam where 96 girlbosses, from different creative areas, share ideas, have brainstorm sessions, drink coffee and build an interesting network. I follow this ig account because the vibe behind the photos is contagious and the studio’s decor is spectacular. I wish I could work in a place like that surrounded by these inspiring women.


4. Lovely Blonde Closet 

I started following Amaris just before she got pregnant from her eldest daughter. This family awakens in me any maternal side that may exist. I do not know how she manages to combine two children, a beautiful house, a husband and a perfect aesthetic in the photographs she presents in social media. It is the serene life, the light, the delicate and romantic decoration and the images of mountains, forest and snow that makes me fall in love everyday for this ig account. Her blog talks about style, motherhood and decor.


5. Homepolish

Homepolish it is different from other accounts simply because it is a service. It is a company where 500+ interior designers work for redesign the way we live now and you can book their services to decore your own space. What really interests me? The photos they share on instagram. I have tons of screenshots of their projects saved on my phone ready to be put into practice in my new house. One of my favorite decor ig accounts.


There are so many other accounts to show you but it will stay for another post.

Now I’m going to lie down beside my cat, watch some television and fall asleep watching my favorite make-up videos from Kathleen Lights.

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