Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

Inês came into my life at college, twelve years ago. We couldn’t denying it, she was special. That huge smile, that energy which we have tried to follow so many times, her oriental-inspired clothes as if she lived in India and that sparkling eyes… she was really special.

When she get sick with Grave’s diseasean autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, all of us could see immediately her body changes but few could imagine how her interior was feeling. The medication was too high, her body began to swell, her hair and nails began to grow weak, and the energy she had once felt had simply gone.

Contrary to what the doctors said, that she had to take that medication forever, by studying her illness, she found that her disease could be controlled by using healthier food with special ingredients. And right now, she only takes one daily pill, her body finally returned to normal and her energy it’s higher than it’s ever been.


In the process of that internal discovery, Inês left her job in communication – in that time she worked in the health food industry in London – and decided to created his personal project, Be Natural With Inês.

Know more about Inês here.


In the other hand, I have Hashimoto disease, an autoimmune disorder in which my immune system creates antibodies that damage my thyroid gland. I discovered my illness at age 18 after several pounds lost and gained in a completely crazy way.

I never really attached much importance to it. I never thought about the damage that Hashimoto gives to the nervous system {anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness and nervousness} to the hair and skin, etc…


When I had the courage to talk with my bestfriends about my panic attacks and anxiety,  Inês was perhaps the one who understood me better. Grave’s disease causes tons of anxiety and nervousness and she knew exactly how I was feeling. I was not alone and I was definitely not the only one in the world to feel that way.


When she pull out the ‘Vive a Tua Luz – One Day Retreat’ in september, where more than 50 women from all over the country were present, it was a pride for me to be able to help her and be close to everything she had to share. And…my God, these women have shown me that I am not alone.

I felt so fulfilled and at the same time so empty, listening to some of the stories… How come we are so bad for ourselves? How come we let our minds and our insecurities win? How do such beautiful women forget themselves, get carried away by anxiety and give up on their dreams?


But that day we were together. We had a common goal, we felt the same, we understood each other. And no one, unlike the world outside, could judge us, evaluate us, or condemn us. We were prepared to reveal our monsters to each other so that they could never win us again.

It was such a powerful moment and a day so beautiful that I will never forget it. More than 50 women united, strong, positive and ready to face the outside world.


Inês even created this community of Soul Sisters – here – and there we share lessons, tips, energies, stories and love. Tons of love for each other.

I may still not be the person I wanted to be but I know that every day I’m one step away from becoming the person of my dreams.

Photos by the amazing photographer Joana Barbino

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